Photo Shooting Tours

Guests can participate in a photography tour, where they will wander around Santorini’s hidden treasures and magnificent settings.

Wedding Proposals Services

We offer luxury services that emphasize on your personal style.

Hummer Tours

Discover hidden marvels around Santorini in this exciting hummer tour, that will reward you with an astonishing view of this volcanic island.

E-Bike Tours

Experience an adventure in Santorini Island and take the chance to discover its hidden treasures.

Transfers & Tours

Explore Santorini through our transfer & tour services and make day trips around the island.


Choose a sail tour in order to experience the unique scenery of the Caldera, created by the volcanic eruption.

Wine Tours

Indulge yourself in an authentic wine tour experience, exploring the indigenous Santorinian wine varieties and become part of the Santorinian wine renaissance.


Experience the stunning landscapes of Santorini on a hiking tour of the island.

Cooking Lessons (on site & outside)

Experience the traditional way of life at Santorini and learn about its culture and cuisine.

Water Sports

Have fun in the sea and feel the energy of the sun, by choosing Watersports activities.

Helicopter Tour

A sightseeing tour from a helicopter ride will introduce to you the undiscovered side of Santorini Island. The island is enormously beautiful from all sides and angles.

Catamaran Tours

Sail among the turquoise waters of the Aegean and enjoy the unique Caldera from another angle.

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